Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Project: Halloween Nightmare

Halloween Nightmare is a fun platform game for all ages. Set during Halloween evening, you play the part of Amelia, an average girl planning on going Trick or Treating and getting lots of candy, who's about to go on an incredible adventure.

Something's not right in Ami's village. Strange things are happening, nasty ghouls and monsters are appearing all over the town, and it's up to her to find out what's going on. Battle your way through hordes of creepy enemies, meet cool and interesting characters along the way, solve the mystery, and collect heaps of candy!

Explore the levels, discover the secrets, and dress up a variety of fun Halloween costumes in this great new game from Underground Arcade. Featuring cute graphics and a hauntingly quirky musical score, Halloween Nightmare is great fun for anyone.

Keep your doors locked, Halloween Nightmare is coming soon!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Project: Annihilation

Annihilation is Underground Arcade's first shoot-em-up project. Inspired by the arcade hits of yesteryear, but updated for today, this horizontally-scrolling blaster will blow the cobwebs out of your old Amiga.

Designed to take advantage of the AGA chipset, Annhilation features loads of colours, parallax scrolling, intelligent enemy waves, awesome power-ups, huge mid-level and end-of-level guardians, a thumping electronic soundtrack, upgradeable weapons, meaty sound effects, and a progressive storyline that unfolds as you play.

Choose from three ace pilots, each with their own customised starship, as you battle through wave after wave of lethal enemy forces. Collect power-ups, customize your weaponry, unlock secrets and aim for the highest score in this exciting new game from Underground Arcade.

Exploding from an Amiga screen near you in 2008!

Screenshots may differ from final game. Keep an eye out for updated screenshots.

Underground Arcade Introduction

Welcome to the Underground Arcade website/blog. Until we have our own site, this will be our temporary home on the web where we can keep you updated on games being developed here at Underground Arcade.

Our aim is to produce commercial-quality games for classic Amiga systems, as well as supporting future AmigaOS4 game development. Currently we have several games in the works, at various stages of development, for both AGA and OCS/ECS classic Amigas. We hope to have at least two full games completed and ready for distribution this year.

Among the games we're working on are a horizontally scrolling shoot-em-up called Annihilation, as well as a platform adventure game currently titled Halloween Nightmare. Annihilation will feature classic arcade style controls and gameplay, five huge levels, an exciting soundtrack, and AGA graphics! Halloween Nightmare plays like a retro console style game, where you explore many levels, meeting interesting characters and fighting nasty Halloween bad guys, as well as collecting candy along the way! It runs on any Amiga, although a faster CPU and RAM help.

But that's not all! Underground Arcade is an ideas factory, and we're coming up with lots of game ideas, most of which will hopefully come to fruition. But we can't do it alone. We still need help if we are to complete these games on time. If you have any skills you'd like to lend towards creating new Amiga games, please get in contact with us. We'd especially appreciate any pixel artists and coders. Even if you just have some old code, graphics or mods you may want to donate, we'd appreciate it. :)

So, have a look around, hopefully we'll have regular posts here to keep everyone updated on our projects.

Long live the Amiga!