Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Project: Halloween Nightmare

Halloween Nightmare is a fun platform game for all ages. Set during Halloween evening, you play the part of Amelia, an average girl planning on going Trick or Treating and getting lots of candy, who's about to go on an incredible adventure.

Something's not right in Ami's village. Strange things are happening, nasty ghouls and monsters are appearing all over the town, and it's up to her to find out what's going on. Battle your way through hordes of creepy enemies, meet cool and interesting characters along the way, solve the mystery, and collect heaps of candy!

Explore the levels, discover the secrets, and dress up a variety of fun Halloween costumes in this great new game from Underground Arcade. Featuring cute graphics and a hauntingly quirky musical score, Halloween Nightmare is great fun for anyone.

Keep your doors locked, Halloween Nightmare is coming soon!


frikiloko said...

You are taking care of much the graphics,awesome!I have desire to play it now.

dave said...

Looks great!

brutal said...

Yous have done an awesome job so far,

is there any news on this or other projects??

Daniel said...

Amazing! I'm remember a ghost'n goblins clone for AMIGA, beatiful!

Roy said...

Thank you for using my logotype on your web page :)/luNix